"Open Secrets"

by Jack Ori

Will a student reporter survive their first big story?
A gripping LGBTQ+ thriller similar to A Good Girl's Guide to Murder but with college students
# Mystery
# New Adult
# Amateur Sleuth
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The university wants to silence them. The cops want to arrest their innocent boyfriend. Can a student podcaster get a murdered classmate justice? Five years after an adrenalin-packed escape from a dangerous pedophile, CJ Jennings longs to use their college podcast to make a difference. But a terrified child's plea for help leads the freshman to a grisly discovery, thrusting CJ into a deadly maze of lies, manipulations, and institutional coverups. The victim, a rockstar researcher with a brilliant future ahead of her, was entangled in secrets and scandals damning enough that more than one person wanted her dead. As CJ peels back layer after layer of the truth, they find themselves up against a formidable enemy: an institution desperate to protect its reputation at all costs. Despite the police wrongly targeting their innocent boyfriend and the administration playing dirty, CJ is relentless in their determination to expose what really happened. But as they inch closer, the killer gets increasingly desperate. Can CJ get justice before they—or anyone they care about—becomes the next target?